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Migration steps

If you were using the Widget v1, now you can migrate to our new Widget in a few steps and benefit from all the advantages of the Widget v2.

Widget V2 offers 2 different options to integrate, a npm Package for React application or a CDN version

1. Update the script

You are using React

In this case, you have 2 options :

  1. Either use our React package here, that will give you more control over the Widget itself.

  2. Simply upgrade the script to upgrade to Widget v2: more details

You are not using React

Simply upgrade the script to upgrade to Widget v2: more details

2. Change the button container

Widget v2 makes use either of a web component (CDN version) or a React component.

If you are using the React version

You need to import the script and add the component where needed.

More details here

If you are using the CDN version

This is based on a web component. You need to replace the previous myinterview-widget container with a new element:


More details here

3. Convert the old configuration object

To convert the configuration object, please use the tool we developed to make it very simple.

4. Implement security token

Details of implementation can be found here: Security and Authentication

5. Make sure you pass a unique identifier as the email

For ease of use, we don't require an email formatted, but we do need a unique value passed in this field for the new widget to work (can be an email, a candidate ID etc...). What needs to be unique is the combination of email parameter and jobID parameter.

6. Using the video player?

You simply need to replace in the URL (or ) with